Airbnb will celebrate its biggest night ever this New Year’s Eve, projecting nearly 2 million guests around the world will ring in 2017 while staying in an Airbnb. That’s nearly double the number of guests who stayed in an Airbnb on New Year’s Eve 2016, and an increase of 1400x since 2009.

The projected 2 million guests this year will come from over 200 countries and territories, and are traveling to nearly 200 countries and territories globally. The top countries travelers are staying in are the United States, followed by France, Australia, Spain and Great Britain.AIRBNB HITS 2 MILLION BOOKINGS

New York City is once again the most popular destination among New Year’s Eve revelers staying in Airbnb homes, with a total of 55,000 guests projected this year. The most popular cities include London, Paris, Tokyo and Rome, in addition to the Big Apple.

The global median price of listings booked for New Year’s Eve reservations is $95 per night. And New York City hosts with reservations spanning New Year’s Eve are projected to earn around $32 million while in London, they’ll earn nearly $21 million. Among the top five cities for New Year’s eve travel, hosts are expected to earn more than $90 million combined.

While classic holiday spots like New York City and Paris aren’t diminishing in popularity, cities in Cuba, New Zealand, Japan, Spain and Mexico are emerging as New Year’s Eve travel-trending destinations on Airbnb. Cities that have seen the most growth in New Year’s Eve bookings since 2015 include Havana, Queenstown, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Fukuoka-shi and Cancun.AIRBNB HITS 2 MILLION BOOKINGS

In addition to staying in an Airbnb, travelers will have the chance to participate in 500 Airbnb Experiences across the world over the holiday, with more being added every day. Travelers will be training with an Olympian in Havana, painting traditional nihonga in Tokyo, and be part of the jazz scene in the 10th arrondissement in Paris.